What is required to rent?

The rental price includes the instrument, case, bow, maintenance, and equity!

What do I need to start?
To start we need a completed rental contract, and a valid credit card.
We ask for a credit card on file, for monthly automated payments to be withdrawn, starting the date the rental contract is made.

How much to start?
To rent the instrument, we ask for two payments upfront.

The first payment, goes towards a refundable security deposit. (This amount is the same amount as your rental payment.)
The second payment, will be your first rental payment. Your next payment will continue on that day every month until you return your instrument.

How do I get my security deposit back?
In order to receive your deposit back, all we ask is for a 30 day notice before you plan to return the instrument. Both regular US mail as well as an email are acceptable forms of notice.

Please be sure to include the name written on the contract, the date of your payments, as well as the date you plan to return the instrument.

Do I have to sign a year long contract?
No, we do not require for you to sign a year long contract. Our contracts are strictly month-to-month and you are free to return your instrument and stop renting any time after the first two months.

What happens if the instrument or bow needs repair?
If anything should happen to the instrument, simply bring in your instrument, and ALL parts to have the instrument repaired. While renting, the rental price does include a maintenance charge that you can use towards the repair should you need it.

Broken Strings, Loss and/or Theft are not covered under the maintenance and are the responsibility of the renter to replace.

Is there a rent to own program?
Even better, our program is called Conversion to Purchase!

For every month you rent, you are gaining a percentage of equity. This equity can be used at a later date, to apply toward a string instrument purchase of your choice. Available equity may not apply toward more than 50% of an instrument’s price.