Violin Strings

Evah Pirazzimore_vert
Evah Pirazziclose

This set of strings is Pirastro's response to the long needed replacement for the greatly loved "gut sound". Even though they are NOT gut, the sound encapsulates the best features of the much loved lower colors available from gut strings with much reduced "fuzzy sounds" known to appear in the upper positions of the D & G strings.


When all other sources fail to offer enough of a deep resonant sound, this is the string set for you. They offer plenty of full tone as long as there is not a high volume requirement. But even though they aren't as loud as others, players who love depth find them more than adequate.

Vision Stringsmore_vert
Vision Stringsclose

Infeld moved beyond their Thomastic Dominant strings with the release of this brand. It offers several options all with their own advantages: Vision Regular (competing with Dominants), Vision Solo ( more volume than Dominants - but tonally darker), Vision Titanium (louder than Vision Regular), Vision Titanium Orchestra ( the loudest robust string in the Vision series).


This string is a long lasting specialty string from D'Addario and offers more depth than Dominant, and more volume than Obligato.

Infeld Redmore_vert
Infeld Redclose

If full volume and moderately abundant depth are desired, this is the choice for many players, especially because of its gold plated non-whistling E-string which has power, but without the blatant, strident sound sometimes associated with E-strings.

Infeld Bluemore_vert
Infeld Blueclose

This set is for someone who wants to hold nothing back in an effort to maximize volume and treble brightness, and if this is your goal, it will not disappoint.


Infeld of Vienna released these strings decades ago and since then they have been the mainstay of all string players. Not until just recently have any others successfully challenged their position, and then, not surprisingly, the strings that were able to compete with them were from Infeld as well. The only issue with these sets is the E-string, which works well with school level instruments, has lost favor with upper level players because of its greater diameter thickness and thus more difficult to initiate string start up. The most favored substitute for this E-string is the Lenzner Gold-Brokat string, now widely used.

Peter Infeldmore_vert
Peter Infeldclose

This set is ideal for an upper level instrument that has an abundant and available potential that only Peter Infeld can enhance. Student level instruments tend to sound muted with this set, while better instruments blossom with full power under their use.

Larsen Virtuosomore_vert
Larsen Virtuosoclose

These are wonderful strings for upper level instruments only. Much like the Peter Infeld strings, they require a great instrument, but offer incomparable volume and response.

Corelli & Corelli Crystalmore_vert
Corelli & Corelli Crystalclose

This string is definitely for the eclectic player. The Crystal has more punch and volume than the straight Corelli, but for players who have tried all other strings and have been left wanting, this string tends to be the end of their search.

Pirastro Gold E-Stringmore_vert
Pirastro Gold E-Stringclose

This is a great all around E-string which matches with many other A, D, & G-string brands. It isn't as thick as a Dominant E-string and therefore allows production of a strong, powerful sound on the top range of the instrument.

Pirastro Olive E-Stringmore_vert
Pirastro Olive E-Stringclose

This is a gold plated E-string and produces a beautiful covered sound with an abnormal level of depth available for instruments tending to have a strident sound in this tessitura. Its only well known disadvantage is that unless the player is bowing carefully, it can emit a sudden "harmonic whistle".

Lenzner Goldbrokat E-Stringmore_vert
Lenzner Goldbrokat E-Stringclose

This E-string is the "go to" E-string for many players desiring a more lyrical sound that is easily produced without force. It is very flexible and the most common substitute string for the Dominant E-string.

D’Addario Helicoremore_vert
D’Addario Helicoreclose

This is the "poor man's" Dominant and exhibits long life. It is usually a bit less loud, but boasts matched gauges for fractional sizes, unlike Dominants which have the same gauge for all sizes.