Viola Strings


This set of strings works very well with all sized violas - maybe even better than for the violin. A plus is the tungsten C-string which retains depth while displaying an abundance of power. The only louder, more powerful C-string is the Spirocore Tungsten C-string, which is always more powerful, but can sound somewhat metallic on some violas.

Spirocore Tungsten C-Stringmore_vert
Spirocore Tungsten C-Stringclose

This is the most powerful viola C-string available, but can sound somewhat metallic with some instruments. But if it doesn't, the sound is abundant.


All the variations of Vision work well on violas (Ex: Vision Regular, Vision, Vision Titanium, Vision Titanium Orchestra), except for the C-string, which can be more successfully accomplished with an alternate string. After the desired range of depth and volume have been determined, the specific variation of Viola Vision can be chosen, all of which will offer clear, responsive start up and long life.

Evah Pirazzimore_vert
Evah Pirazziclose

These strings are wonderful for players desiring the most "gut" sounding strings available. They have a "rubber band" flexibility and "feel" and help to produce a facile vibrato.


When all other sources fail to offer enough deep, resonant viola sound, this is the string set for you. They offer plenty of full tone as long as there is not a high volume requirement, given that the instrument is already loud enough. But even though they aren't as loud as others, players who love depth find them more than adequate especially when used on larger violas.

Evah Pirazzi Goldmore_vert
Evah Pirazzi Goldclose

These strings are like regular Evah Pirazzi strings only on steroids. They produce more of everything that is available from the Evah Pirazzi regulars but the string tension is a bit tighter, so they don't feel as flexible. However, players desiring this extra sound are usually quite willing to commit to a bit of additional physical power if their effort will be rewarded in volume and tone.

Jargar A-Stringmore_vert
Jargar A-Stringclose

Three modes are available for altering the brightness of the viola A-string. These are: Forte, Medium, & Dolce, all of which have distinct but descending levels of treble or brightness. These specialty strings as an alternate for the Viola A-string can be used with great success when no other string satisfies the tonal needs of a specific instrument.

Larsen A-Stringmore_vert
Larsen A-Stringclose

This string is by far the loudest and most treble of all the viola A-strings. The remaining Larsen D, G, & C in the set are not all that popular, as more depth and flexibility seem to be available from other brands.