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Fine Rosinclose

This rosin is the perfect addition to an entry level player's case. The protective cover helps to insure that breakage will be kept to a minimum during the first year or two of playing. The rosin itself is harder than usual, helping to prevent over rosining during the early zealous rosining years.

Hill: Light Rosinmore_vert
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Hill Light Rosin has long been the standard for musicians. Old and young players alike continue to prefer the "light" version in the summer because of its harder consistency.

Hill: Dark Rosinmore_vert
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Hill Dark Rosin has long been the standard for musicians living in colder climates or in the winter. This 'Dark" version is softer and tends to grip the string more when temperatures are traditionally lower.

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Magic Rosinclose

This rosin is so visibly appealing, it makes a perfect gift for any string player and comes in many different designs. Magic Rosin was developed by a cellist to be used by violinists, violists, and cellists alike. Its purity and gripping consistency has proven to aid in prolonging the time between bow rehairs.

Salchow Rosinmore_vert
Salchow Rosinclose

Salchow Rosin, produced by the famous bow maker, William Salchow in New York, is favored by many musicians as the standard "working musician's" rosin because it grips well but drops off the string in less sticky white powder that is more easily wiped off after playing.

Andrea Rosinmore_vert
Andrea Rosinclose

Andrea Rosin (formerly Tartini) is more responsive than most rosins in that it requires less energy for string "start up" and feels smoother without the tendency of producing the dreaded popping sound during soft and legato passages.

Bernadel Rosinmore_vert
Bernadel Rosinclose

Bernadel Rosin works so well for some violin, viola, or cello players that those who have purchased it never wish to try others. It comes in an attractive velvet pouch, helping to prevent breakage during application or while being stored in the case.

Clarity Rosinmore_vert
Clarity Rosinclose

Clarity Rosin is a hypo-allergenic rosin for players who have adverse skin or respiratory reaction to tree-based rosins. It has filled the long awaited niche for such players and is often preferred for its characteristic gripping qualities.

Pops Bass Rosinmore_vert
Pops Bass Rosinclose

Pops Bass Rosin has been the "gold standard" for bass players for years. Its gripping quality is second to none and requires very little application to freshen a bass player's bow hair before practice or performance.

Carlson Bass Rosinmore_vert
Carlson Bass Rosinclose

Carlson Bass Rosin is a "step up" rosin for the improving bass player. While continuing to provide adequate contact grip, it also allows for a low energy, smooth start up.

Kolstein Bass Rosinmore_vert
Kolstein Bass Rosinclose

Kolstein is a New York City company known for their specialization in Basses of all types and sizes. This rosin was developed by them to suit the demanding needs of the accomplished bass player as well as beginners. It grips very well but is not ultra-sticky like Pops rosin and does well in all levels of humidity and temperature.