Metronomes & Tuners

Wittner Quartz Metronomemore_vert
Wittner Quartz Metronomeclose

The Metronome Teacher’s Prefer!
This easy to use Wittner MT-50 comes complete with turn dial, a number range from 40 to 208 beats per minute, earphone, and kickstand. Options include a flashing LED indicator, a LOUD sound beat indicator or both for added instruction. Produces a standard A440 tone for tuning. Requires one 9V battery. (Not included)

FZONE FT-2000more_vert
FZONE FT-2000close

Tuning has never been more fun!
The FZone technology is reintroduces the ease and fun of tuning. The FT-2000 is small enough to carry in your case, with the advances of a chromatic tuner, all in a sleek rubber finish. Simply clip on the tuner to the end of your scroll, and the large colorful LCD will display the tone detected. The display includes the note name, as well as an accuracy indication needle to ensure the most precise tuning. Battery Included.

FZONE FMT-60more_vert
FZONE FMT-60close

Everything all in one!
The FZone FMT-60, is a Metro-Tuner that includes a large LCD display, earphone capability, a loud speaker with accompanying LED lights, and volume control, all in a sleek design with kickstand for upright viewing. 2 AAA Batteries included.

Additional Metronome features: 30 – 280 beats per minute, 0-9 beat, a tone generator.
Additional Tuner features: Chromatic tuner, A-4 range of 410-490Hz, built-in mic, as well as line-in clip on tuner, for accurate tuning.

Barcus Berry Pulsemore_vert
Barcus Berry Pulseclose

Top of the Line for ANY musician!
Pulse by Barcus Berry is the ultimate Metronome/Tuner for any musician, and all instruments including voice. This 4 in 1, wonderful companion includes chromatic tuner, guitar tuner, metronome, and pitch generator. Contains an auto-power off after 3 minutes, a synthesized sound for loud and clear tone, all in a slim design with kickstand. 2 AAA batteries included.

Additional Metronome features: 40 -216 beats per minute, beat 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 5 rhythms, and a 2 color LED display.
Additional Tuner features: built-in mic for acoustic guitar, line-in jack for electric guitar, 12 even tempered chromatic tuner note, 8 octaves, and pitch shift from 430 – 449Hz.